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Now you can have nutrient-dense, plant-based whole food meals delivered right to your door (or the door of your office or hotel), anywhere in the United States.
After many years in the works, here it is. You asked for it, and now I'm delivering...
I'm pleased to say, for years people have told me they feel amazing when following the nutritional principles in the Thrive book series. Many have gotten off medication, lowered cholesterol, reduced body fat, improved sleep quality, cut sugar cravings, dramatically reduced risk of disease, enhanced mental clarity, and boosted athletic performance. That's what I like to hear.
But, the common complaint was: time. There simply isn't enough of it. Our modern lives don't include the hours required to prepare a variety of fresh, nutrient-dense, complete plant-based meals each day. And while the decline in how we feel when not eating this way is significant, most just mask it with sugar and coffee, further placing stress on the adrenal glands and perpetuating the problem. And others simply don't like spending time in the kitchen. I understand. I too live this way. Plus, there's travel, something Ive become well versed in over the last several years. So what's the solution? If only someone could do the grocery shopping, prepare nutrient-dense, plant-based meals - exactly as specified in Thrive - and deliver them. Welcome to THRIVE FOODS Direct. Whether youre a hard-core athlete, too busy to cook, or simply want to reap the benefits of complete plant-based nutrition, THRIVE FOODS Direct is your answer.
All dishes are prepared according to the nutritional principles in the Thrive book series: high net gain, alkaline-forming, plant-based, whole food. And always made entirely from fresh, certified organic ingredients. The menu changes frequently - variety is emphasized - for both enjoyment and optimally nutritional benefit. 
As you know eating a plant-based diet is the best way to enhance health. And once the base of health has been built, all of lifes challenges are easier met. There simply is no better-tasting or easier way to get in the best shape of your life.
Hope you enjoy your enhanced state of living as much as I enjoy mine!
To your ambitions,
Brendan Brazier
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